Preview – Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters, Series 01, Key Art, Marketing, ©Sky UK Ltd

Jack Whitehall does what he seems to best at: playing middle/upper class fools who are clearly out of their depth.

Whitehall stars as Barnaby, the son of an antiques dealer who has been getting involved in some dodgy deals. When one deal results in Barnaby £50,000 in debt and with a looted treasure on his hands, he finds some help in form a friend of his sister. This friend, Nina Morales (Rosie Perez), is a bounty hunter from Brooklyn who is wanted by a Mexican drug cartel.

What follows is the duo trying to get back Barnaby’s money, while also avoiding the cartel, the police and terrorists.

Bounty Hunters is on Sky One at 22.00.