Preview – Brainwashing Stacey: Anti-Abortion Camp

Stacey Dooley

Among the first acts made by Donald Trump as President of the United States was to sign an executive order banning the funding of international groups that promote abortions.

In this documentary, journalist Stacey Dooley joins some of the world’s most controversial movements in a bid to understand their ideologies. Here she participates in a course run by Survivors, one of America’s most extreme pro-life groups. Run by an evangelical Christians, the course titled Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust provides a gateway to radical pro-life activism. Dooley learns alongside high-school pupils on the course, before witnessing the youngsters take their provocative message to the streets preach their pro-life message to the public and mothers-to-be and picketing clinics. 

This documentary series was first shown on Three and belatedly gets an airing on BBC One. 

Brainwashing Stacey: Anti-Abortion Camp – Tuesday 10.45pm BBC One