Preview – Breaking the Silence Live

Breaking the Silence Live

Channel 4 has been making a name for itself as a broadcaster catering to the needs of the disabled. Tonight it is showing what can happen when someone suffering from a disability has the condition cured.

Breaking the Silence will see seven people at Manchester Royal Infirmary who are suffering from deafness receiving new cochlear implants which will allow them to hear. Some of the people in the programme went deaf slowly, some overnight, and one person has been deaf all their life.

It will no doubt be wonderful to hear and see these people being able to gain or regain their hearing. Although as a disabled person myself, it also brings up the question of whether you would ever want to be cured of your disability. As we see in this programme, many people do, but is the same for all?

Breaking the Silence Live is on Channel 4 at 20.00.