Preview – Brexit: Battle for Britain


2 years after the political earthquake – namely the Brexit vote – which rocked Europe in the summer of 2016, Laura Kuenssberg takes a look back at how the vote was achieved, where the remain campaign fell down and how the Farage’s Brexit camp took advantage of these mistakes and whipped up a perfect storm which helped make the Brexit concept a reality.

This week in a re-run of BBC2’s Brexit: Battle for Britain on London Live, the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, goes behind the scenes and tells the inside story of how David Cameron’s referendum plan backfired, and Vote Leave won. Talking to the politicians and the people who were involved the most in the campaigns, she finds out how a perfect storm brewed, which would not just end David Cameron’s premiership, but reshape Britain’s place in the world.


Brexit: Battle for Britain – Tuesday 9:00pm on London Live.