Preview – Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

Brexit: Britain's Biggest Deal

The Government has pledged to trigger Article 50, the formal process of notification that the UK is leaving the EU, by the end of March 2017. With only a few weeks to go, the BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg begins a long overdue dissection of what will be the nation’s biggest challenge in living memory.

In tonight’s programme, Kuenssberg questions whether a Brexit deal can be done and delivered in the 2-year timeframe allowed by the Lisbon Treaty and identifies some of the complex challenges that could bog down the whole of Whitehall for years.

Talking to key players on all sides, Laura Kuenssberg maps out the key issues facing Britain and Europe in the coming years, the political minefield Theresa May’s government needs to navigate – and why Brexit matters to us all.

It’s fair to say, Kuenssberg’s findings will reignite the same burned out divisions between leave and remainers on tonight’s Question Time later on BBC1.

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal Thursday 9.00pm BBC2