Preview – Brexit: Crisis on the Wards – Dispatches

Morland Sanders

Cast your mind way back in the heady days of pre-In/Out referendum past, to a time of giddy promises that £350 million per week would be lavished on the NHS … and now consider the reality.

Far from Brexit providing the stimulus for a robust new NHS, what reporter Morland Sanders finds is a depressing mess in which Government’s attempts to boost home-grown NHS staff recruitment are failing and to make matters worse, the NHS is facing the largest nursing shortage in recent times: more than 20,000 vacancies nationwide.

The NHS was used as political currency during the referendum campaign and discarded immediately after. If only the likes of Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson had an ounce of the integrity and determination of the staff that work so hard to maintain the health service in spite of the demoralising cuts to resources.

Brexit: Crisis on the Wards – Dispatches 8.00pm on Channel 4