Preview: Bring Back the Bush – Where Did Our Pubic Hair Go?

Rachel, Chidera, Jessie Bell (sitting on floor) and Jessie Morgan

Alternatively, this could have been titled Where Did the Common Sense of the Commissioning Editor Go? Just joking, this worth of an hour of your time?  

Why do so many women remove their pubic hair when even a few decades ago it wasn’t seen as necessary?  Author Chidera Eggerue explores our relationship with pubic hair.

Along the way she challenges herself and her peers to grow out their bushes and put on an exhibition where they are challenged to reveal their naked, natural bodies to the world.

While the particular focus may be on pubic hair this is a film that looks at explores the body image brain deluge that women (and men) face daily in the form of advertising, glossy magazines and from their peers. 

Surely we can find self confidence and contentment with our bodies with scarifying our most intimate areas? Follow Eggerue as she reclaims her pubes and her dignity.

Bring Back the Bush – Where Did Our Pubic Hair Go? – Monday at 10.00pm on Channel Four.