Preview – Britain By Bike

britain by bike

Former East enders star Larry Lamb joins his son, George, for a little bit of father-son bonding as they cycle up and down the country to some of Britain’s most iconic tourist hot-spots.

To kick off the new series, Larry and George cycle around Northumbria, stopping to admire the breath-taking scenery and the quaint village life of some of its coastal towns. The pair cycle up to Hadrian’s Wall and visit a local smokehouse in the town of Craster where they lend a hand gutting herrings and pinning them for the smoking process. Larry apprehensively follows his son up to Chillingham castle – reportedly the most haunted castle in the UK – where they intrepidly wait for the ghostly blue boy of local legends to appear.


Britain By Bike – Friday 8:00pm on Channel 5.