Preview- Britain’s Benefit Tenants

Britain’s Benefit Tenants

As Britain’s property market changes and the number of council houses shrinks, millions of private landlords have been buying up the houses. With stricter changes to the benefits system, those directly affected are the tenants – who are caught in a daily battle with rent inflation. Letting agencies specialising in housing benefit tenancies can now find themselves on the front line, caught between struggling landlords and desperate tenants.

Tonight episode, we’re in Leeds, letting agent Aimee has received complaints about a bad smell and a high volume of bluebottles coming from one of her properties, and when she turns up at the property, she’s in for a shock.  For agents Andrew and Allen in South Yorkshire, rent arrears have reached an all-time high, forcing them to come up with a controversial way to bring in more money.

Britain’s Benefit Tenants is back on Channel 4 for series 3, tonight at 10pm