Preview: Britain’s Best Parent?

Britains Best Parents

Anita Rani hosts the new series that explores a plethora of parenting styles and tries to answer one of life’s most hotly-debated questions – is there a right way to raise children? Twelve sets of parents, who are all convinced that they’ve mastered parenting, go head-to-head to prove their way is best, as we tackle all the most important child-rearing topics; from mealtimes and discipline to education and screen time.

Each episode meets three families, all with a distinct approach to bringing up children, taking it in turns to look after each other’s offspring for a day, to showcase their unique parenting rules. They then come together, in front of a studio audience, to watch what happened and discuss their differing parenting styles. Once each set of parents has made their case as to why their way is best, the studio audience vote for their favourite to go through to the Britain’s Best Parent? final.

In this first episode, we meet Joana, who’s bringing up her five-year-old son with a gender-fluid approach, believing that children shouldn’t be confined to traditional gender stereotypes. Also competing to be Britain’s best parents are self-titled ‘lazy’ parents Kevin and Kerry, who believe that their hands-off style makes their two boys, aged ten and eight, self-sufficient and aware of the consequences of their actions. And Rin and Robin’s parenting style is inspired by Eastern culture and philosophy, as they aspire to make ‘scholar-warriors’ of their eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter.

Britain’s Best Parent – Thursday at 8.05pm on Channel 4.