Preview: Britain’s Child Drug Runners

Britains Child Drug Runners

Children as young as seven are being groomed to sell drugs for ‘county lines’ drugs gangs in towns and villages all over the UK.

With extraordinary access, this documentary follows the children trapped in the dangerous world of drug running and explores how they got into it and why they can’t get out.

With middle class families in rural Oxfordshire being affected, drugs gangs are no longer just operating in the big cities and it has become a priority for police forces around the country.

While the drugs gangs profit, many parents feel powerless as their children risk their lives carrying crack cocaine and heroin, and staying in so-called ‘trap houses’ for weeks at a time. This film follows police, parents and social workers trying to protect four young people and keep them safe, before it’s too late.

Britain’s Child Drug Runners – Wednesday at 10.00pm on Channel 4.