Preview – Britain’s Cocaine Epidemic

Britain's Cocaine Epidemic

Britain’s heyday with drug-abuse was put to bed as the nation ushered in the new millennium. Or so you’d think. Given the significant lack of mention of drug abuse in the news and Sunday papers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that crazed pre-2000 demand for illegal highs had faded out of relevance. Channel 5’s latest documentary, then, puts the spotlight back on the topic and aims to expose the hidden modern world of drug dealers, addiction and the increasing popularity of so-called hard drugs.

Lifting the lid on those who use and supply the drug, this documentary investigates what’s bringing about such a rise in demand for cocaine. The camera crew follows a cocaine wholesaler in the midlands as he recieves and prepares a fresh batch of the drug for sale on the streets, before moving on to a pair of university students using their students loans to fund their addictions. Elsewhere we meet members of the 80s party generation who continue to use the drug despite risks to their health and investigate the damage it can do, not only to the users but to those close to them.


Britain’s Cocaine Epidemic – Wednesday 10:00pm on Channel 5.