Preview: Britain’s Forgotten Wars with Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson leads us through his memory of now-side-lined wars. Photo: Channel 4

In the first of this brand new series, we can learn about the forgotten history of Britain abroad – the wars that didn’t take place between major powers, but nonetheless cost a lot of damage and majorly changed the lives of those involved.

After the Second World War, Britain and its allies got caught in several serious conflicts around the world, many now publically forgotten. Tony Robinson explores the forgotten conflicts he lived through: The Suez Crisis, The Bosnian War, The Gulf War, The Korean War, The Malayan Emergency and The Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya.

This episode looks at the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990, and the world’s reaction. A coalition war between 35 nations was launched, and ‘Operation Desert Storm’ took place shortly after. It was one of the first live-television-broadcast conflicts in history, but seems to have been largely forgotten – now, decades later, history steps up to repeat itself.

Britain’s Forgotten Wars – Saturday at 8.20pm on Channel 4