Preview – Broadchurch

Olivia Colman, David Tennant - Broadchurch

Already off to a gripping start, Ellie and Alec have another difficult investigation ahead of them. When Trish contacts the police to report her violent sexual attack, she is in a pretty bad sate with little memory of man that raped her.

As the pair start to investigate Trish’s life, Who are her friends and family? The men in her life? They meet her ex-husband Ian, her best friend’s husband Jim, and Lucas, a local cab driver.  All of them were in the area when the attack took place.  

Ellie and Hardy need Trish to give her main video interview, which will be relied on in court if the case goes that far, but she is still in trauma.

They need to move the investigation forward quickly as there is a predator on the loose. Trish’s ISVA tells Hardy and Ellie that she doesn’t think Trish is ready, but Hardy decides they should go ahead.

But it is too soon – they do get more information, but Trish brings the interview to a premature end when they ask her a question that she is not prepared to answer.

Although following a different case, it is clear that young Danny’s death is a wound left very much open, and another violent attack in the close-knit community soon has everyone on edge.

Broadchurch, Monday, 9pm – ITV