Preview – Broadchurch

Olivia Coleman, David Tennant - Broadchurch

Although not a gripping as the first series, the new case is starting to get interesting. Broadchurch is apparently not the quiet town it was once believed as reports of a previous attack on a woman are uncovered, turning the case of its head.

In typical Broadchurch fashion, there are a number of fishy characters, some with revolting attitudes, but tonight a new witness comes forward and there is one suspect whose alibi just doesn’t add up.

Jim is already on edge as Trish confronts him about what they did on the night of the attack – when Lucas comes forward with what he saw, he reacts violently warning him to stay quiet.

Finally a call the owner at Axehampton forces the detectives to hurry back to the scene of the crime in the hope of uncovering vital evidence.

Broadchurch, Monday, 9pm – ITV