Preview: Broke


We hear a lot from the Prime Minister about how optimism and belief will push the country through the dark times, but for some people those challenges are only getting tougher as this BBC series featuring people who are working but only just keeping their heads above water.

Steve and his son Billy are casual workers from Hastings. Steve is desperate to find full-time work but he is unlikely to be considered without a permanent address. Despite being homeless for six months, they do not qualify as a top priority for council accommodation. The father and son will do anything they can to escape the cycle of homelessness and unemployment and to avoid relying on food banks.

Angelica is an Ecuadorian migrant working in London. She studies English all day and works night shifts as a cleaner at a luxury car dealership. She was suspended by her employment agency after requesting a pay rise to the London Living Wage. Due to the high cost of living, she is forced to consider leaving London and being separated from her son. With the help of a union, she is struggling for her right to fair pay and to keep her family together.

Perhaps some of Boris Johnson’s new Cabinet could surrender their salaries and directorships for a period experiencing life as Tyrone and Angelica live it. Maybe then there would be greater focus on delivering change for real people rather than optimism, belief and promises of jam tomorrow.

Broke – Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.