Preview: Broke – Britain’s Debt Emergency

Broke - Britain's Debt Emergency

As Britain suffers the worst cost of living crisis in 70 years, the Citizens Advice Bureau opens its doors, offering rare access to their debt advisors.

This powerful and hard-hitting film follows three stories of struggle at a time when an estimated 14 million Brits have been forced into debt for essential living costs, a figure that’s set to rise exponentially this autumn.

The programme travels to Southend, to meet mum-of-two Carly, who’s coping with a spiralling £20,000 debt accrued from one payday loan on top of another. She’s one of millions who’ve fallen prey to unaffordable, easy-access loans that could take a lifetime to repay.

In Manchester, single dad Paulo lives with the daily threat of the bailiffs calling; and 28-year-old Mateena mainly exists on lumps of sugar for food. The staff at Citizens Advice are also under pressure and struggling. Manager Debbie talks about the unprecedented demand: ‘It’s a crisis. Is there going to be anything left in the food banks?’

Broke – Britain’s Debt Emergency – Wednesday at 10.00pm on Channel4.