Preview – Broken

PC Andrew Powell (Mark Stanley)

As the events of the night send shockwaves through the community, Father Michael (Sean Bean) must process his own guilt. Seeing Helen’s (Muna Otaru) humility and dignity in the face of overwhelming pain, he turns to Father Peter (Adrian Dunbar) for advice.

Elsewhere, PC Andrew Powell (Mark Stanley) is pressured by PC Dawn Morris (Aisling Loftus) and their fellow officers to back up their account of the night before – despite it going against everything he stands for.

During confession, Father Michael urges Andrew to tell the truth, even though he risks ostracism and, worse, his job. Finding himself increasingly isolated Andrew must decide if truth is more important than loyalty – as he makes a decision that will affect his future, his family and his faith.

Meanwhile Roz (Paula Malcomson) remains determined to go through with her plan, in the face of everything Father Michael does to dissuade her. And with his flashbacks worsening, Father Michael tracks down a figure from his past.

Broken – Tuesday at 9.00pm on BBC 1.