Preview: Call The Cops

Call The Cops

After four years in Devon and Cornwall Police, the hidden dark side of the English Riviera has taken its toll on Local Response Officer Amie: ‘It’s that constant fear of what you’ll see and whether that will be the last thing that I can cope with’.

Her patch – Torbay – has the highest per capita crime rate in the two counties and is so busy that Force Control has a dedicated desk of dispatchers to deal with the volume of jobs.

On this desk, Resource Deployment Officer JJ must prioritise resources between the most dangerous domestics, complex and serious crimes and mental health incidents.

‘The resources are not what they used to be,’ he says, ‘We used to go out with 25 officers on a late turn, now you’re lucky to go out with 8 or 9’.

Like all forces across the UK, Devon and Cornwall’s cops must prioritise on the basis of threat, risk and potential harm. Unlike others, they have a vast area to cover, and while Amie and her partner search the cliffs of Devon for a missing person, Force Incident Manager Martin must dispatch specialist teams to Cornwall to deal with a potential armed siege. Meanwhile the Control Room’s log of new incidents keeps on growing…

Call The Cops – Thursday at 11.30pm on Channel 4.