Preview – Can Brexit Fix Britain

Brexit negotiations

Whatever your political stance on Brexit – there are pros and cons for both sides of the argument – a topic hot on everyone’s lips recently is how effective are the negotiations being managed by those at the top; we’ve already seen that the UK will effectively remain part of the Common Fisheries Policy, without having any direct input into its rules and will have to pay out around 39 million pounds (much of which was promised to the NHS as part of the Brexit campaign.)

Moving forward, then, it really boils down to a question of whether Brexit is really going to deliver on the promises made during its campaign and whether the dreams and desires of those who voted for it will be met; a theme which is explored in ITV’s current affairs feature “Can Brexit “fix” Britain: Tonight.” Presented by Robert Preston, the programme takes viewers into the north-east; an area forecast by the government as one of those to be worst hit by the fallout. There, Preston meets with workers and business owners to discuss their motivations and frustrations before asking whether they think – in the current political climate – they will be any better off than before.


Can Brexit Fix Britain: Tonight – Thursday 7:30pm on ITV