Preview – Captain Underpants

captain underpants

As the film’s title suggests, you shouldn’t go into this thinking it will be high cinema or even particularly thought-provoking. What you do get however is a crudely juvenile family comedy which will be top-drawer entertainment for younger children and will keep them engrossed for hours.

Starring the court jester-like Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch, the film deploys a cast of comedians to drive the film’s gags and keep the laughs flowing; The Hangover’s Ed Helms, Big Mouth’s Nick Kroll and Jordan Peele – one half of the comedic double act Key and Peele – all get in on the act.

The film revolves around George (Hart) and Harold (Middleditch) – two best friends who are both school pranksters and produce their own comic books. In the midst of their tirade of pranks, they are caught on camera by school snitch, Melvin (Peele) leading to the two boys being separated by their stern principal, Mr Krupp (Helms). To prevent this from happening however, the boys hypnotise the principal into a new personality, that of Captain Underpants, who stars in the two pranksters comic book series.

After a villainous German professor – who wants to rid the world of laughter after years of being made fun of on account of his name – arrives at the school, the fledgling superhero and his posse of pranksters must rise up and fight to let laughter flow freely once again.


Captain Underpants – Sunday 5:15pm on Sky Premiere.