Preview – Catastrophe

Rob Delaney in Catastrophe

All too soon we’ve arrived at the finale of this season’s run of Catastrophe.

It is a fittingly irreverent way to sign off the series with Rob (Rob Delaney) teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown and a self-destructive embrace with booze and Sharon (Sharon Horgan) distraught by the loss of her dad and wounded by the realisation that her brother Fergal could do no wrong in his eyes – in spite of being an obnoxious tosser and failure.

All the major players gather in Ireland to say goodbye to Sharon’s dad. Rob’s mum Mia, the irrepressible Carrie Fisher in one of her last screen appearances, jets in from America to pay her version of respects (and do some jumper shopping).

Catastrophe takes guilt, bitterness and ruptured relationships and somehow moulds them into bitter balls of fun. The show’s beautifully-crafted, near-the-knuckle observation is on a different level to some of the garbage currently masquerading as comedy.

Sometimes squirm-inducing, invariably offensive and brilliantly written comedy from Delaney and Horgan.

Catastrophe Tuesday 10.00pm on Channel4