Preview – Catastrophe

Catastrophe starring Sharon Horgan

A welcome return for the excruciating sitcom that is guaranteed to have you squirming in your seat. Written by and starring Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, Catastrophe has charmed and offended with its car crash marriage, foul-mouthed observations, brutally honest approach to sex and a supporting lineup of utterly dysfunctional societal castaways.

Season three wastes no time in reminding us how painful relationships can be as Rob sits pondering a receipt for the morning after pill, which Sharon has no answers for. Whatever the receipt was used for Sharon can’t remember, because she was too drunk, and rather than face Rob’s interrogation she heads out to see Nico perform with his band. Hmm, band night, booze and a blighted relationship … this is surely heading for catastrophe.

Catastrophe Tuesday 10.00pm on Channel4