Preview: Catch-22

Christopher Abbott Catch-22

The senseless deaths of Kid Sampson and McWatt bring the futility of Yossarian’s (Christopher Abbott) situation into sharp relief when he is asked to identify the pieces of his friends and testify that McWatt’s mental fatigue had nothing to do with the air force or the constantly lengthening bomber mission quota.

Temporary respite comes in the form of the syndicate as Milo asks for a favour and whisks him off to north Africa where he impersonates Nelson Rockerfeller to the Caliph of Oran. It’s clear that war is good for business and Milo is cleaning up – and he’s wants YoYo as a partner Stateside. With his bombing mission quota filled and his paperwork just needing to be rubber stamped, he can finally see a pathway out of the madness of military life.

However, back on base Colonel Korn hasn’t signed the release papers and guess what? Yep, the quote has been raised again, so YoYo is back flying missions over Italy. Cosi e la vita!

Catch-22 – Thursday at 9.00pm on Channel 4.

Photographer: Philippe Antonello