Preview – Celebrity Snoop Dogs

Snoop Dogs

Celebrity Snoop Dogs is a celebrity property show like no other, captured by a unique film crew: the celebrities’ pampered pooches. We take a look around famous homeowners’ abodes, guided by the dogs who live there. Specially kitted out with mounted cameras attached to a harness, the pooches tour their lavish homes and the secluded gardens their owners normally retreat to, to escape the full and unflinching glare of the great British public. Offering a dogs’ eye view of the properties, and with commentary from Kevin McCloud on everything from the architecture to their owners’ choices in décor and feng shui, we delve deeper into the lives of our favourite celebrities.

While the pooches sniff out treats, chew shoes and go for naps, viewers can play along with the guessing game to try and work out which celebrity owns the adorable doggy. In this episode, we snoop inside the home of an adorable four-year-old Lhasa Apso, who enjoys a leisurely life in his owner’s beautiful open-plan home, and a good sniff around reveals a very impressive shoe collection. We also go through the door of a beautiful eight-year-old Labrador mix, who enjoys good food and a snoop around the games room in her countryside abode. The question is, who do these well-behaved dogs and their fabulous homes belong to?

Celebrity Snoop Dogs – Friday 8:30pm on Channel 4.