Preview – Cheap Cheap Cheap

Noel Edmonds Cheap Cheap Cheap

In this brand new comedy game show, Noel Edmonds opens Noel’s Store for the first time.

Noel’s been away from TV for a while and a mid-afternoon daytime slot is probably just about right for him these days. Andy Parsons related a brilliant story on Aled Jones’s show about his time as an ideas writer on Noel’s House Party one of which was Noel presents the whole show out of sight after locking himself in a cupboard. The BBC declined the idea and the show got canned. Let’s hope Cheap Cheap Cheap doesn’t have a short shelf life. 

How does the game show work? Well, contestants try to win £25,000 while manager Barry, health and happiness guru Marijana, sales assistant Kelly and delivery man Keith ensure there’s never a quiet moment in this craziest of game shows.

Cheap Cheap Cheap – Monday at 3.00pm on Channel 4.