Preview – Child Genius

Child Genius

It’s the penultimate round of the week-long competition to find Britain’s brightest child and the eight remaining competitors face two of the toughest interrogations yet.

I have been dipping in and out of this competition all week, it’s something most of us refer to as leisure time and freedom of choice and have both admiration and sorrow for the kids involved. They are clearly very, very bright but many seem to be living as mini extensions of their own pointy-elbowed parents when they should be out playing. Whoever said childhood was a time freedom and exploration?

Tonight’s opening Advanced Language round tests the competitors on complex word definitions and anagrams. The tension then reaches fever pitch in the day’s second round, as the children face a sudden-death spelling test. Only five children can qualify for tomorrow’s final with the chance to claim the coveted Child Genius title.  Overseen by quizmaster Richard Osman.

Child Genius – Friday 8.00pm on Channel4.