Preview – Child of Our Time

Child of Our Time
Image Credit: BBC/Gary Moyes. Picture Shows: Professor Robert Winston Some of the teenagers recreating the 2005 Child of Our time publicity image. Charlie, Ivo, Nathan, Alex, Professor Robert Winston, Matt, Eve, Calvin, Het, Rhianna.

Back in the year 2000 the BBC made a documentary series presented by Prof. Robert Winston, which would follow the lives of children born at the turn of the millennium as they grew up.

Prof. Winston and co-presenter Prof. Tanya Byron have once again revisited the children who are now all around the age of 16, and are continuing to ask the question about whether it is nature or nurture that influences the most when we grow up.

Across the two episodes broadcast this week, we learn about how it is at this age that the mind is the most creative, how we feel intense pleasure at this age, and we witness the children’s digital lives with them giving total access to their phone use.

Child of Our Time is on BBC one at 21.00 today and tomorrow.