Preview – Chris Tarrant: Ice Train to Nowhere

Chris Tarrant: Ice Train to Nowhere

You have to wonder what motivates a 70-year-old, multi-millionaire who, two years after suffering a series of debilitating strokes, has packed his bags and is on the Ice Train to Nowhere in the opener to his third season of Extreme Railways.

Chris Tarrant has always lived life to the full and here he revels at the opportunity to thumb his nose at a health scare that nearly cost him his life as he returns to explore the world’s most spectacular and outermost rail services on God’s green earth – or in this instance, God’s frozen wilderness.

In this episode, the ever cheery Tarrant heads north to explore a railway which probably should never have been built, the Alaska Railroad. Constructed when the USA’s largest state was barely populated, Chris wants to find out how and why it has become such a success. Look and learn Southern Rail UK.

Chris Tarrant: Ice Train to Nowhere at 9pm Mondays on Channel 5