Preview: Christmas at Castle Howard

Christmas at Castle Howard
Victoria and Nicholas get ready for a blizzard of Christmas tourists. Photo: Channel 4

England’s most grandiose stately homes throw open their doors to show us their Christmas preparations… At these ‘treasure houses’ the showstoppers are out of this world, and take a lot of time and money to set up in some very old and priceless spaces.

Britain’s aristocracy looks forward each year to the traditions of the past, and at Castle Howard – one of Yorkshire’s most popular sites, and Bridgerton setting – 2000 daily visitors do too. 

The Carlisle branch of the Howard family built this baroque mansion in the North, and they have continued to manage the estate for more than 300 years. Nicholas is hands on with photographing the annual Christmas card, digging toys out of the cupboards for bedroom decor and making a lethal bowl of ‘Howard Artillery punch’. 

Christmas at Castle Howard – Wednesday at 9pm on 4Seven