Preview – Citizen Khan

Citizen Khan

Citizen Khan is very much your typical family-friendly BBC One sitcom: watched by the masses, but hated by just about every TV critic around.

You cannot deny that it has begun to get a bit of clout. In this opening episode there are guest appearances from cricket commentators Jonathan Agnew and Michael Vaughan, as well as an appearance from another Khan – London Mayor Sadiq Khan. In the opening episode, Mr. Khan (Adil Ray) makes a fool of himself at Edgbaston Cricket Ground and is forced to sleep in his car by Mrs. Khan (Shobu Kapoor) for forgetting their anniversary. Mr. Khan’s attempt to impress his wife backfires when he claims to know England spin-bowler Moeen Ali.

While there will forever be debate about the show’s quality, for me the main problem caused by Citizen Khan is that the BBC deep down must think that they have done enough in terms of catering to BAME audiences with just one sitcom, in comparison to ITV2 who have been trying out new pilots all week. The BBC needs to be more adventurous and seek new talent.

Citizen Khan is on BBC One at 20.30 tonight.