Preview – Climbing the Property Ladder

Climbing the Property Ladder

At a time when house prices and rent are at an all time high, young hopefuls trying to buy into the property market have a slim chance of obtaining that kind of security. However, this does not deter the property gamblers, those throwing leg and limb into development projects in the hope of making a profit.

Channel 5’s new series, Climbing the Property Ladder, follows the stories of people hoping to do just this. Having invested most, if not all, of their savings into renovation projects, the developers hope their hard work and sleepless nights will pay off and they’ll be able to sell for a profit.

In the first episode we meet Mary who has ploughed all her redundancy money into a rundown Yorkshire Cottage and working mother Rupa, who is hoping she’ll be able to retire early after selling the house she’s fixing up.

Climbing the Property Ladder, Wednesday, 9pm – Channel 5