Preview – Cold Feet

Cold Feet
Pictured: Pete [John Thomson], Adam [James Nesbitt], Jenny [Fay Ripley], Karen [Hermione Norris] and David Marsden [Robert Bathurst]. (C) ITV Plc

The eighth series of the ITV comedy drama has an intriguing opening: a wedding, attend by the whole gang.

Who’s wedding in unknown, but we do know of some other things we can expect to see. Adam (James Nesbitt) humiliates himself trying to pull much younger women, Jenny (Fay Ripley) and Pete (John Thomson) learn of some disturbing news, and David (Robert Bathurst) and Karen (Hermione Norris) attempt to help their unhappy son Josh (Callum Woodhouse).

Cold Feet is on ITV at 21.00.