Preview – Common Sense

Common Sense - Portraits
Programme Name: Common Sense - TX: n/a - Episode: Common Sense - Portraits (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Brandon and Tony - (C) Studio Lambert Associates - Photographer: Jude Edgington

Anyone with any common sense will be able to tell you that the production company behind Gogglebox is trying to repeat the same formula elsewhere.

Studio Lambert, who created Gogglebox for Channel 4, have now made this new show for BBC Two. Narrated by Ruth Jones, Common Sense again features members of the public as the stars, but this time they are talking about the events currently going on in the news. People featured range from market traders in the East End, to laundrette owners in Scotland, to nail technicians in Manchester.

Obviously, it is hard to comment on what the show is going to be like as it is topical comedy, but you can get a taste from the trailer below.

Common Sense is on BBC Two at 22.00.