Preview – Confessions of a Junior Doctor

Confessions of a Junior Doctor

The NHS is crumbling. Not enough money, too many patients and not enough beds, and those on the front line watching the walls fall in, the junior doctors. Channel 4’s, Confessions of a Junior Doctor, tells the story of the young doctors trying not to crack under the pressure.

This week we head to Northampton General’s A&E department. Morgan – only a year out of medical school – is about to start her first A&E shift. The hospital is struggling as it reaches capacity and is simply unable to take in more patients. Morgan has to juggle looking after patients with taking care of herself and not letting it all overwhelm her.

Third year Dan has the opposite problem. Having signed up for a career in emergency medicine, he’s happiest in a bustling department, but worries about handling grieving relatives and the difficult conversations that occur at the end of patients’ lives.

Confessions of a Junior Doctor, Wednesday, 9pm – Channel 4