Preview – Confessions of a Junior Doctor

Confessions of a Junior Doctor

This new series explores the story of the NHS in unprecedented times, told by the junior doctors on the front line. The series was filmed in one general hospital at the height of the 2016 junior doctor crisis. It tells the story of our health service at a pivotal moment in its history. Northampton General Hospital could be any hospital in Britain. Hard-working staff serve a growing local population, but the hospital has little money for more beds or more doctors.

There are over 60,000 junior doctors in our NHS hospitals. From as young as 23, they work in every department, from the corridors of A&E to the operating theatres of surgery. Committed, passionate and highly trained, these young doctors are the future of our hospitals. But they’re working in an NHS that’s struggling to cope with rising patient numbers. More and more is being asked of them and the pressure is beginning to tell.

Confessions of a Junior Doctor – Wednesday 9.00pm on Channel4.