Preview – Confessions of the Paparazzi

George Bamby - Confessions of a Paparazzi

Celebrities caught without make-up on or exiting the sea in a not-so-Baywatch fashion, is the dream opportunity for freelance paparazzi photographer George Bamby. A prerequisite of being of a paparazzi is that you must have no issue making stories from the scenarios you encounter, often with complete disregard for the truth. Bamby shows that he’s a man who understands his business and is willing to bend the law, between what should be public and what’s private, to secure a scoop.

With a large reward for the right photo, Confessions of the Paparazzi reveals just how easy it has become to spread a story if the ‘right’ image accompanies. Bamby has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to sneak up on celebrities and has become a master of hide and seek as he stalks the likes of Britney Spears, Little Mix, Wayne Rooney, Dawn French, Katie Hopkins and Judge Rinder.

As part of Channel 4’s fake news week, this documentary highlights how the cult of celebrity has taken over popular news in the UK. Although George is eager to highlight his stories of outrageous and often hilarious situations, you are left feeling the world of the Paparazzi is a shocking and dark place that is becoming ever more powerful with its influence over the media.

Confessions of the Paparazzi, Monday, 9pm – Channel 4