Preview – Conspiracy Files: The Trump Dossier

Donald Trump

Fox News once called it the “Wussification” of America – the theory that people, instead of taking responsibility for something or admitting their own faults or mistakes, choose to adopt the mentality of the victim. Who better, then, to illustrate this point than Donald Trump?

This film probes the murky world of US politics and delves into how Republican presidential hopeful and real estate billionaire Trump has fostered a toxic campaign of conspiracy theories that threatens to undermine the contract between the people of the United States and their government.

A man of model integrity, Trump, has stirred the conspiracy pot with aplomb to defeat Ted Cruz in the Republican nomination race – insinuating, among other things, that Cruz’s father could have been involved in the assassination of JFK – courtesy of a morning’s casual labour handing out pro-Castro leaflets with Lee Harvey Oswald. Yes, his evidence is that strong!

His presidential campaign has been cleverly managed to keep him in the headlines, by giving others the negative headlines. He has at various times told America that the media is biased against him, that the establishment wants him to lose because he tells the truth, that “Crooked Hilary” Clinton should be in jail and, most damaging of all, that the electoral system of the United States is rigged.

With echoes of our own post-expert Brexit experiences, Americans continue to support the man who has presented no evidence of wrongdoing against his rivals and no detail to the policies he intends to pursue should he become commander in chief of the US. Trump is the consummate salesman, and he sure does tell a good story.

Conspiracy Files: The Trump Dossier on BBC Two, 9.00pm; BBC Two Scotland, 11.45pm