Preview: Cornwall: This Fishing Life

Cornwall: This Fishing Life
How many traditional fishing practices remain when the industry has been changed so unrecognisably? Photo: BBC

A fascinating portrait of an often-misunderstood and forgotten lifestyle – with the practice of fishing changing rapidly and having undergone a vast industrialisation, what amount of tradition remains in the UK?

Cadgwith Cove is Cornwall’s last traditional full-time fishing cove. 

As boats got bigger, fish stocks declined and young men left, many of Cornwall’s other coves faded away. 

Despite this, Cadgwith has held strong. For generations, sons have followed fathers off the beach and out to sea. Now, the next generation is set to join the fleet. But while there might be new blood within the fleet, the old working fabric of the cove itself is now under threat.

Cornwall: This Fishing Life – Sunday at 6pm on BBC Two