Preview – Coronation Street

Coronation Street
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While it is tempting to say something nice is happening in the street this week, the world of soap opera is never so calm and simple.

Things should be nice, as this week baby Bertie is christened. However, at the party afterwards things become a bit chaotic between the Tinker and Barlow families. Meanwhile Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni), meets a woman named Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) and the two arrange a date, only for Alina to leave in a hurry when she recognises someone.

Elsewhere things are still pretty grim as Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) continues to search for Carla, making a visit to a squat, while Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) learns he won’t get any money from the roof collapse until the police complete their investigation.

Coronation Street is on ITV at 19.30 and 20.30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.