Preview: Couples Come Dine with Me

Couples Come Dine with Me
Couples compete to see which host is best. Photo: Channel 4

The first hosts in Liverpool, Jude and her husband Malcolm, hope that a selection of their restaurant favourites will win them the prize, but as the evening pans out, Malcolm turns out to be less of a help and more of a hindrance.

On day two, Kelsey and Chris hope to spice up their guests’ lives with a Mexican fiesta. A confession from Malcolm about what he gets up to while Jude is at the bingo leaves her fuming, and Elisa’s revelation about a celebrity crush leaves her boyfriend Alan speechless.

The final hosts, Alan and Elisa, have dished out blunt feedback all week, so their guests could be out for revenge…

Couples Come Dine With Me – Saturday at 11.55am on Channel 4