Preview – Cunk on Britain

Philomena Cunk
Picture Shows: Philomena Cunk (DIANE MORGAN). Image Credit: BBC/House of Tomorrow/Adam Lawrence.

Diane Morgan returns as Britain’s least competent TV presenter as she delves into the history of Britain.

Philomena Cunk “guides” us through the entire history of the country, with the opening episode dealing with our beginnings, including the Big Bang, dinosaurs like the Tyrannical Swadust Rex, ancient tribes that liked to draw naked men with erections on the side of hills, and our invasions by the Romans and the Normans – although given that they’re not British there may be less coverage of them.

Along the way she attempts to get some expert opinions – if the experts are able to deal with Cunk’s naive questions.

Cunk on Britain is on BBC Two at 22.00.