Preview – D-Day: the King Who Fooled Hitler

D-Day the King who Fooled Hitler

While we all know about the story of D-Day, most of us don’t know much about how the Royal Family ended up helping the Normandy Landings.

Obviously, they didn’t go out to France, but the private diary of George VI shows that he had an active role in Operation Overlord. Namely, he worked alongside MI5 in order to confuse the Germans as to where the Allies were going to land by helping spread fake news of the invasion.

Not only was this a job the king was involved with, but other members of royalty including our current monarch also helped. This work also helped to overcome public anger at the royals at the time, with the abdicated Edward VIII having sympathised with Nazi Germany previously.

D-Day: the King Who Fooled Hitler is on Channel 4 at 20.00.