Preview – Dad’s Army: The Love of Three Oranges

Dad's Army

People often complain of there being too many repeats, especially over Christmas. However, the old favourites feel as much as a tradition now as the Queen’s Christmas Message, naff cracker jokes and rows over the afternoon game of Monopoly.

It feels as if Dad’s Army gets repeated a lot. It actually doesn’t – it is not repeated on Gold or any similar channel. It is only really repeated on BBC Two, and that’s just once a week. It is the fact that it is repeated on a high-profile channel that makes it seem it gets repeated a lot. However, Dad’s Army repeats still get a lot of viewers – often more than new episodes of modern sitcoms.

This Christmas special from 1976 sees Captain Mainwaring organising a church bazaar in order to raise comforts for the troops. On the day of the bazaar Mainwaring annoys his dreaded wife Elizabeth, and believes the only possible solution to calming her would be to buy one of three oranges that is being sold at auction by Chief Warden Hodges.

Dad’s Army is on BBC Two at 19.00.