Preview – Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family 2
Picture Shows: Danny Dyer dressed in Elizabethan finery, attending a sugar banquet in the gardens of Helmingham Hall. Image Credit: BBC/Wall to Wall Media.

Following on the last week’s rather fun outing, the second-half of Dyer’s travels through his royal ancestry take all the way to the Tudor period.

Tonight, he learns about Edward II and how his life with his French wife Isabella played out like a soap; gets to know what it was like to be a medieval knight like his 19 times great grandfather Sir Harry “Hotspur” Percy (can’t help but feel he might be uncomfortable that the West Ham fan might be a bit uncomfortable with the “Hotspur” business), and Dyer’s entire family get together in period outfits as he looks into his Tudor ancestors.

Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family is on BBC One at 21.00.