Preview – Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure

Dara and Ed

Comedians Ed Byrne and Dara O’Brien co-star in this BBC series which challenges them to follow the course and journey of Sullivan Richardson’s expedition into the furthest reaches of Latin America.

Ed and Dara continue their epic adventure across South America with a road trip through Guatemala. After crossing the border they visit Lake Atitlan and pay homage to the chain-smoking, rum-toting Mayan deity, Maximon, hoping to garner his blessing for the journey ahead. Moving forward the pair visit the ancient colonial city of Antigua, scaling the Pacaya volcano before moving into El Salvador. The comic duo learn firsthand how dangerous the Latin American country can be first hand, after a run in with one of the many gangs that plague the cities. Finally, Ed and Dara cap off their adventure this week with by travelling through the southern tip of Honduras and into Nicuaragua.


Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure – Thursday 11:15pm on BBC2.