Preview – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

legends of tomorrow

Season 3 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow reaches its thrilling climax this week after it was revealed last episode that the monstrous demon Mallus had been released into the human world following the Legends’ fight with Gorilla Grodd. The show stars Arthur Darville as the time traveling team leader, Rip Hunter, amongst a host of others from the DC universe.

In the culmination of the anachronism storyline, the powerful demon lord Mallus has been freed, forcing the Legends into the line of duty once again. As the demon lord demands that all 6 of the illusive totems be returned to him, Rip must make a sacrifice of epic proportions while the others recoup and figure out how to stop their all-powerful adversary. However as their plan goes down the pan, the Legends must improvise and prove themselves worthy of their title before the world is lost to the demon and his armies.


DC Legends of Tomorrow – Wednesday 8:00pm on Sky One.