Preview: Deadwood – The Movie

Deadwood - Ian McShane

Since it debuted in 2004, Deadwood has maintained a loyal fan-base and is regarded as one of HBO’s most iconic series. Now, 13 years after the series final episode, the original cast reunite for a feature length return to Deadwood and provide the conclusion the show deserves.  

A forerunner in bringing high-production values and long-form storytelling to television, Deadwood was also responsible for reviving the career of Ian (Lovejoy) McShane in his role as potty-mouthed brothel owner Al Swearengen – for which he won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. Timothy Olyphant also returns as Swearengen’s chief rival, Sheriff Seth Bullock, as the two look to finally settle their scores with
one another.

A word of warning though, there is another drama occurring tonight, so fight it out with the rest of the family for control of the remote as this clashes with the Champions League Final. 

Deadwood – Saturday at 9.00pm on Sky Atlantic and NowTV.