Preview: Decline and Fall

Decline and Fall

Jack Whitehall takes a step back in time, starring as Paul Pennyfeather in the first adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s comic novel, Decline and Fall, broadcast by BBC One.

Having been wrongly dismissed from Oxford for indecent exposure – he was the victim of a The Bollinger Club prank – Paul finds himself in a spiraling mess of mishaps and disastrous events.  

Finding employment at a public welsh school, Pennyfeather is immursed into a life of tutoring and school boy mothers that will soon make him wish he was back at Oxford.

However, famed for his posh boy humor in Fresh Meat and Bad Education, will Whitehall shine to a new role in which he must become less upfront and more of a push over?

Decline and Fall, Friday, 9pm – BBC One

Image: BBC