Preview: Deep Water

Deep Water

Lisa and Joe come together to tackle a crisis at the kennels. Assuming that she has Joe’s support, Lisa begins to hope for a new future away from her problems with the Rivertys.

With no idea of Roz’s double life, Winston proposes marriage and Roz thinks it’s finally time to accept. But when Roz’s brother Pete makes his disapproval clear, Winston is tempted back into his old ways.

Guy is arrested for his attack on Nelson, and Joanne digs deeper into his past. Traumatised by events and still desperate to find Lucinda, he returns home to Kate.

Lisa is unable to escape from the Rivertys as she is summoned to Kate’s house to deliver Sally’s schoolwork; Kate is convinced that Lucinda will return and doesn’t want her to fall behind. Kate’s sister Alexa sends Adam round to Lisa’s house. She wants Lisa to look after their dogs while she looks after Kate. However, Adam is the last person Lisa wants to see.

Deep Water – Wednesday at 9.00pm on ITV.